Pablo Manuel Jiménez Cordobés (Cáceres, 1993), finished his undergraduate studies at the University of Seville (2013-2017 graduate) and he went back to Cáceres, his hometown, to continue developing his work.


It was in Seville where he developed a keen interest in the arts. He carried out the organization of artistic projects such as "Deslocalizados", an annual series of cultural meetings held in different houses and spaces of Seville. This experience was created with the intention of bringing art to everybody, out of the institutional canons (galleries, museums, fairs ...) and with very successful results. He also created Zona Güifi (an independent emerging art space), among other collective activities related to the art world; and "El Galerinsta" (a social media artistic project on Instagram where artists' works are shown indiscriminately and altruistically from all over the world without any restriction. The objective of this action was to share and disseminate culture and art with no borders.


In addition to this, he has always been interested in the PERFORMANCE, something that the artist considers vital, such as in his own work and life. He has directed collective actions such as "Cycle PerformApp", "ELITIST", "Fame", "DES-EN-LACE" ... as well as other “solo actions” like "Last day of sales", "Speaker", "Concerity", "Paul Eme",...


Recently, Paul Eme produced and presented some solo exhibitions such as "Pyra", at Lemon and Coco Cultural Association (Cáceres) where pieces were burning and the imprint of the fire was the protagonist. Currently, he is participating in various cultural events and projects in Spain.


Definition of "Sucession" by the Royal Spanish Academy:

"The action or process of inheriting a title, office, property, etc."


As we can see, in the original meaning of the word "succession" we already find a succession of words, and in turn, each of them with a different meaning, formed by new branches of concepts. A small part of this practically infinite loop is what, in a pictorial and personal way, I try to show with this series of works.


"I pronounce the first word. The rest is in the mouth of everyone".

Paul Eme


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