This month, through its exhibition program “Meet the Artist”, Madridcito will be joining the international celebration of Women’s Day (March 8th) with the opening of Raquel Barrantes´exhibition “The Invisible Skin/Chimeras”, a series of intimate, feminine and oneiric photographs denouncing today´s fragile and invisible image of women.


Raquel Barrantes (Cáceres,1987), known as Little Lune, is a young artist from Extremadura who cultivates the triad of photography, graphic design and illustration. Her sensibility, mental imagery, and weakness for the author’s photography, have led her to develop a highly personal and metaphorical visual language. 


Her art is between oneiricism and surrealism, thus creating a world where there is always space for intimacy and the person´s own biography; a world that enables the artist to use any type of artistic way like “catharsis”.

At Madridcito, we are committed to the development of cultural activities in Madrid to promote local artists. It would mean a lot to us if you could please make their work known to those closest to you.


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